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Class Schedule


06:30 am Rhythm & Flow Yoga

08:00 am StraightUp Cycle (*IC)

09:15 am Vinyasa Flow Yoga

10:30 am TaiChi QiGong Practice*

05:30 pm BBG Weight Lifting

(*Indoor Cycling)


06:00 am StraightUp Cycle (IC)

08:00 am Zumba Fitness

09:15 am Barre Above

05:30 pm Full Body HIIT*

(*High Intensity Interval Training)


06:30 am Rhythm & Flow Yoga*

08:00 am  StraightUp Cycle (IC)

09:15 am  Balance - Tone - Strength (BTS)

10:30 am  TaiChi QiGong Practice

05:30 pm  BBG Circuit HIIT

(*Starting May 29th)


06:00 am StraightUp Cycle (IC)

08:00 am Zumba Fitness

09:15 am Barre Above

05:30 pm Full Body HIIT


06:00 am  StraightUp Cycle (IC)

08:00 am  StraightUp Cycle (IC)

09:15  am  Balance - Tone - Strength (BTS)

10:30  am  Pilates Floor/Mat


09:30 am Cycle/Sculpt

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Spinning Class
Who Wants to Spin?

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Indoor Cycling Classes Schedule

                Monday  08:00 am

                Tuesday  06:00 am

          Wednesday  08:00 am

              Thursday  06:00 am

                   Friday  06:00 am  |  8:00 am

Limited Amount of Bikes!

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