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Welcome to Arrowhead Fitness

Arrowhead Fitness is located in beautiful Lake Arrowhead, CA, at the Lake Arrowhead Village Center. We offer both group classes and one on one personalize training with our fitness tracks offering hands-on assistants to help you achieve your personal wellness goals and ensure you maintain the best healthy results.

Our experienced staff and certified fitness consultants work with our clients of all ages to tailor a fitness track and wellness program based on each client's lifestyle, current fitness level, and medical or orthopedic conditions. Coaching our members in an environment they feel most comfortable in reaching their personal fitness and wellness goals.

We invite everyone to join us. If you have any questions about our membership and or services, please give us a call or visit us at our Fitness Center at the Lake Arrowhead Village, Lower Deck, on the Waterfront below the Coach store. 

Our Fitness Services:
  • Balance, Tone & Strength Classes

  • Health & Personal Goal Support

  • Weight Training Boot Camp

  • Certified Personal Training

  • Full Body HIIT & Sculpting

  • TaiChi/QiGong Practices 

  • Indoor/Outdoor Cycling

  • Nutritional Coaching

  • Rhythm & Flow Yoga

  • Studio/Outdoor Yoga

  • Barre Above Classes

  • Pilates Floor/Mat

  • Tanning Sessions

  • Massage Therapy

  • Zumba Fitness

Meet the Owner
Owners of Arrowhead Fitness
Tina Hitt  |  Owner  |  Instructor 

My name is Tina Hitt and I am the Owner of Arrowhead Fitness. I am the Mother of  two beautiful girls ages 24 and 16 and I am a Business Owner of Arrowhead Fitness. I've been married for 21 years to an absolutely wonderful man.

I began my journey in January 2014. At first it was just wanting to lose a few pounds, but the more I went the more I realized it was so much more than just weight loss. I realized its not what is on a scale, but really how I felt physically. Once I figured that out the inches dropped and the stronger I became. I worked hard and got my certifications through the Cleveland Clinic Institute. I quickly realized that I truly enjoyed being around other women who were on a journey just like myself.

It is now going on eight years and I teach about 3 classes a week. I love to motivate and encourage other women with my story. I tell every woman who walks through the door that the hard part is over. The affect I have on people has definitely given me the drive I need. Being fit and strong not only gets me through day to day life, but when I can help change someone else's perception of how they look at themselves, I can't think of anything better. 

Meet Our Instructors

Tina Hitt

Natalie Glick

Chris Navratil

Cindy Sue Hillegas

Catherine Ste. Marie

Chrissy Hammer

Simone Knepper

Manny Vargas

Larisa Bykova

Keri Mackie

Laurie Wardell

Joyce Patrick

Rachel Ball

Ines Stewart

Tracie Davis

Teresa Alexandar

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